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This a list of Web sites that cover a broad range of issues related to Russia, former Soviet Union republics, and Cyrillic software.

General Web Sites on Russia

Russian Universities, Research Institutes and Museums

Internet providers

  • Demos Plus is a computer network company based in Moscow. One of the two RELCOM founders. Demos/+ WWW talks to you in Russian, English and Esperanto.
  • Relcom Online at Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia. KIAE is another RELCOM founder.
  • Mark ITT is a Communications Companty in Republic of Udmurtia, Russia.
  • PC Center "TECHNO" is an Internet provider in Moscow.
  • MVC Net is an Internet provider at Simbirsk, former Ulyanovsk.
  • ELVIS+ is a Russian company based in Moscow.
  • SOVAM Teleport is a joint Soviet-American venture.

Web Sites about Russia and for Russians

  • Chertovy Kulichki is a well illustrated site -- all in Russian.
  • Baza is a site created by Zak May who: (1) Did a Russian emigrant-pop CD with songs he composed, performed, and arranged; (2) Lives in San Fancisco area; (3) Is a heavy smoker.
  • Komkon Site is a Russian site that, among other things, maintains an archive of books in Russian.
  • New England Russian Community Network, as the name implies, is a site for Russians who, live in the New England (North East of the United States).
  • Stack Ltd is a Web-related company in a Puschino, Moscow region.
  • Labirint is site with Crosswords, Puzzles, amd Chess Problems.
  • Ruscom is a page for Russian community in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Russian West is a russian language Web Site dedicated to American West Coast and Russian Far-East.
  • Russian America is an undertaking by Web Ideas Intl.
  • Avtopilot is a Russian Magazine for car lovers (для автолюбилтелей).
  • Cross is a magazine in Russian that also maintains a list of Russia-related web sites (проект Русская Паутина).
  • Perestroika is a Russian-related site in Chicago.
  • Odessit is a site totally devoted, as you may have guessed, to Odessa.
  • Effect-Posev is a site that has some humor and literary works in Russian.
  • Russian Yellow Pages is a collection of links to Russian-related Web sites.
  • Russian New York is for Russians or anybody else who happens to live in New York City.
  • Echo of Moscow is a chat site for all people who have not forgotten their Moscow roots.
  • Snip-Snap-Snurre is a newspaper for kids ages 7 to 14.
  • Mikhail Yeselson Pages is a collection of stuff for Jewish refugess from Russia and Ukraine.


Russian Books, CDs, Art

Software Companies

  • Paragraph is a software company founded by Russian researchers.
  • Pluris Inc is a company in Bay Area (Silicon Valley), California, started up by Vadim Antonov.
  • MacCampus offers a number of Cyrillic and other European fonts.
  • OK! Software, Inc. has developed the CD-ROM Hello Russia English to Russian Multimedia Phrase Book for learning conversational Russian. It runs on a multimedia PC with MS Windows 3.1. Click on English text to hear native Russian.

Travel-Related Companies

Business Information and Miscellaneous

  • Voice Of Russia radio station is a legal successor to Radio Moscow.
  • RELIS is a business information firm. In Russian.
  • Investor''s Corner is a page for Russian-speaking investors.
  • Maximov is a company that provides information and news from Russia.
  • Palms Russian Public Library is a site at Ministry of Education of Russia. I have not seen many works in Russian there, though. Seems to be an excerpt from Project Gutenberg.

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