The USSR russificator.

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New update: 21.11.1996
Version 3.5 pre-release

You have just found the most powerful russificator for MS-DOS
Look to the technical characteristics:

1. USSR is the smallest russificator It takes in memory about 200-500 bytes less than Keyrus if configurations appear to be identical. 2. USSR has very high speed... it doesn't make the computer work slowly. 3. USSR is very reliable russificator for a lot of people are testing it just now. 4. USSR has a lot of command switches. 5. USSR has a number of fonts. 6. You can download unregistered pre-release of the USSR right now! 7. Or you can download our demo (78549 bytes). How to download: a) Click here for download bytes). b) Select the directory where you are going to install the USSR (I would recommended c:\). c) Wait while file is downloading... You could have a cap of tea... Done! d) Now your is in c:\ e) Call the DOS prompt. f) Unextract archive using pkunzip.exe (29371 bytes) and then arj.exe (83120) (download them first if you don't have them already) Type this: C:\>pkunzip ussr C:\>arj x -yc ussr C:\>del ussr.arj C:\>cd ussr C:\USSR\>ussr g) Follow to the USSR instructions. h) Mail me your opinion about the USSR. i) Thank you for using the USSR!

Download the USSR v.3.5 pre-release now!

If you're interested, please, write: Artem Podstreshny
or call: +7(095)932-8880, +7(095)491-6559