Russify MS Windows: Fonts

Summary. Microsoft fonts are in, Gavin Helf fonts are out.

Microsoft Fonts: Win 95, Win NT

Microsoft has come up with good-looking and free cyrillic fonts. Their fonts are much nicer than ForWWW fonts that we originally recommended to use. Therefore it is time to switch to Microsoft fonts.
Your choices are:

Windows NT
You should have Cyrillic fonts installed already. All NT installations that I have seen have cyrillic support installed by default.

Windows 95 Russian or PanEuropen edition
You should have cyrillic Microsoft fonts already installed. If not, install them as described below.

Windows 95 American edition
Most likely, you do not have Cyrillic fonts installed, but they are included with your Windows distribution. To install them, go to ControlPanel. Add/RemovePrograms. WindowsSetup. MultilanguageSupport, click Details, select Cyrillic Language Support. Click OK to complete the installation.

Older Windows 95 with No Cyrillic Support
If none of the above worked, download Core fonts (Arial, Courier New and Times New Roman). This is a self-extracting archive, so just run file corfnt32.exe after downloading. These fonts have characters from many languages, including Cyrillic characters.
If you have more questions, take a look at Microsoft Typography Site.

Windows 3.1
You still have to use ForWWW fonts.

Testing Microsoft fonts

You need to have Cyrillic keyboard installed before you can test.

Start Start. Programs. Accesories. WordPad, switch keyboard to Russian mode and start typing. If setup is correct, you will see cyrillic characters.

ForWWW fonts: Win 3.1

Cyrillic ForWWW TrueType fonts used to be popular before Microsoft fonts existed. You still need them if you want to russify Windows 3.1. These fonts were developed by Gavin Helf.

Instalation instructions:

(1) Download a 200 Kb zipped file
Create a directory, say, C:\CYRTTF, and put file into this directory.

(2) Unzip the downloaded file into C:\CYRTTF using pkunzip.exe or WinZip for Windows.

(3) Start Settings.ControlPanel.
Select Fonts.File.InstallNewFonts.
Select folder (directory) C:\CYRTTF and Push SelectAll and OK buttons.

(3a) If Windows complains that these fonts are already installed, delete previously installed cyrillic fonts by selecting them and hitting Delete, and then install new fonts from
Important: The fonts in are improved versions of the fonts that you may already have from previous visits to SIB or from other sources. You really need to install the new version of the fonts. This is especially true for NT -- the old Cyrillic fonts just will not work.

Windows NT note: The font name ROL-KOI8/Courier (file ROLK8C.TTF) causes a conflict in Postscript when this font is used to print to a postscript printer. Dmitrii Manin ( has modified this font to fix this problem. Modified font has a name of ROL-K8-Courier and it appears in the file ROLK8C1.TTF.

Other Gavin Helf fonts: Win 3.1

If you need more fonts for your word processor or other applications, then download, unzip and install some or all of the following TrueType fonts developed by Gavin Helf.

The procedure for each zipped file is same as for

Please note that these fonts are not particularly beautiful. They are OK, but definitely not sexy -- just like ForWWW fonts. So, if you can use Microsoft fonts with your application, go for them instead.

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